Dynamics NAV 2016 Android App

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 you will get your favorite Role Tailor Dynamics NAV feature on Android tablets and Android phones.It is fresh and modern interface designed for mobile devices

Navision 2016 is a global business solution that simplify their supply chain, manufacturing, and operations. It is quick to implement and easy to use. Please refer my previous article for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 feature.

Make your decision anywhere , anytime with latest technology. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Android application will increase your productivity, efficiency and employees will motivate.

for tablets, it requires access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 or later version. For phones, it requires access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 or later. Noted it Requires Android 4.4.3 or later.
Dynamics NAV has announced with the release of Android 7, they will be discontinuing support for Android 4 in an upcoming update during early 2017.

Please refer navsupports or read completed article here
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