Void Entry For Skipped Check numbers in Navision

NHPNHP Member Posts: 3

There are circumstances, checks are physically damaged before printing and also for various reasons we will be unable to use when processing payment journals. Those check numbers are not documented in Nav. we would like to make these entries to show those check #s as “Voided. Currently if we have to manually void a check and are not able to use it in a payment journal, there is a gap in the check sequence in NAV and it looks like we have skipped a check numbers.

Is it possible to document the void entry for these skipped check numbers in bank ledger entry & check ledger entry?

We are aware about void process after printing the check.

Please provide your suggestions to overcome this issue.



  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 491
    Well, if you want to set as "voided" you could, just write a process with required criteria.
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