Export NAV Language without tooltips


Is there any way to export NAV Language without tooltips?


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    archer89archer89 Member Posts: 337
    open the exported language file (e.g. languages.txt) in excel, separate the contents in 2 columns, delimiter is ':'.
    activate filters for the columns
    filter first column (Tags, e.g. R4-N2-C1-P8631-A1033-L999) with text filter "Ends not with P8631-A1033-L999"
    select the filtered lines, copy that contents to a new excel tab.
    voila! thats the exported language contents without all the tooltips. export the 2. tab as text file with the same format.

    for all, who are not familiar with exporting the language captions using powershell:
    * export all nav objects as text with cmdlet Export-NAVApplicationObject, creates text file allobjects.txt
    * export all captions using cmdlet Export-NAVApplicationObjectLanguage, file allobjects.txt is given as parameter
    for details follow http://valgameiro.com/how-to-export-translations-from-a-nav-2015-database-using-powershell/
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    Alias: Jonathan Archer

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