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We have an issue that bugs us for month already, still unable to find a good solution.

So what's the matter?

Coming from NAV 2009 R2 classic to RTC we found out that printing x copies of an item label (sticker) the RDLC report sends out x time the label to the printer instead of sending out one batch of x copies. The latter being the way classic did the job. You have to know that it is not uncommon in our operation that 1 label needs to printed 500 times.

We left the issue as we were still half way our migration to NAV 2016, and waited for that to complete and ... hope that might fix it, but it didn't. The technological hadn't changed in this respect apparently.

Sharing the issue with MS we got the tip to put the layout in WORD and yes it did solve the issue, but ... ouch ... another issue popped up, being these message WORD comes up with regarding non-matching papersize and margins. And whatever we tried, we couldn't get it solved. By the way, the message do not always pop up. And yes, when printing 500 copies it's not a big burden, but the same label report is also often used to only print single labels.

Anyone who had similar case and did find a solution?

Thanx in advance for your replies and ... Merry Xmas.
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  • Jan_VeenendaalJan_Veenendaal Posts: 198Member
    Export the label content to XML on a file share, and use dedicated label printing software to do the actual printing. Especially in the case where you need to print 500 labels this usually needs just 1 smallish xml-file.

    Would that work?

    Merry XMas to you and your team :smiley:
    Jan Veenendaal
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    I had the same issue and could resolve it by setting the 4 page margins in Word to at least 0.6 cm (this value may be printer driver dependent)
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    Are you using a special Labelprinter?

    If true, and the Printer understands the ZPL- Label language, it may be easier to design an RDLC- Report which contains only one textfield. The Textfield contains the ZPL-Commands separated CRLFs, which are generated in CA/L.
    The Report ist sent directly to a "Generic Text" -printer driver which is connected to the Label-Printer via network or any other connection.

    The "ZPL II- programming reference" may be dowloaded directly from

    The benefit of this solution is the direct printing from NAV to the printer with no other Software in between, and the 500 identical labels are printed by a simple '^PQ500' in the ZPL-String
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    Ouch, not getting any messages from mibuso anymore I hadn't noticed the last two answers. Thanx for that. Meanwhile we left the issue as is. But this might help us later on.
    Luc van Vugt,
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