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As I know for NAV 2013 to NAV 2016 it is not possible to Assign User to spesific menu, and i have read those option to configure this case:
a) Suggested By MS - Every user will see all the department but cannot do activities on other department. ( You can define the permission based on user role, so if user from sales & marketing will not have any permission Read,edit,Modify on other department say finance he/she cannot access it).

b) you can hide the whole department button from each user role center page and customize the Role center based on user requirement, giving him all the option on the Role center page itself. In this case no user will see department but it will be tedious as you need to put every page/Report/XMLPort on Role center page itself.

For point A, is there an easy way to understand how permission set works which in permission set there's so maaany object to gave it each read/modify/delete permission. For example, if I want a user just can view Purchase Module, which table and other object i have to set?
I have try to record permission but i don't understand it. please help.

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