Setup Power BI in multi-tenant environment

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I was looking for this topic for few days now but wasn't able to find any appropriate information on this, so I'm posting this question in this thread.
I'm currently testiong NAV2017, and my goal right now is to build a multi-tenant environment where each tenant can connect to, and show the reports on the RoleCenter (new feature in NAV2017).

I'm failing when I'm trying to add the NAV Content Pack from the, and I don't know what to put in the parameters.
Below is what I'm entering, and I'm getting an error "Failed to update data source credential"

URL = https://[server]/DynamicsNAV100/OData/Company('[Company Name]')/?tenant=[tenant name]
Authentication Method = Basic
User name = [user name defined in NAV]
Password = [password defined in NAV]

Any idea where I'm doing this wrong?

  • My environment is setup with NAV2017 CU1 NA
  • I can confirm that when I enter the above OData url, I can get to list of published web services


  • peterlinnetpeterlinnet Member Posts: 8
    Did anyone ever solve this issue?
    I've been trying to accomplish the same, but without any luck.
  • kalyankandimallakalyankandimalla Member Posts: 56

    Can you please check if you have followed all the steps in the below link:

    Trying this steps should help to connect PowerBI without any issues.
  • peterlinnetpeterlinnet Member Posts: 8
    edited 2017-04-22
    Thanks k.

    Yes, I did.

    The problem is with the MultiTenant setup in NAV.
    It's described very well here, I think:

    I've not yet managed to test the recommendations from that thread fully, as I'm waiting for our hosting provider to set up CNAME records for the alternate tenant ids, but I'm working on it.
  • peterlinnetpeterlinnet Member Posts: 8
    I can now confirm that it works.
  • knmknm Member Posts: 170
    Thanks for confirming that it works! With this latest suggested solution of using Alternative ID, I re-attempted to use the "Dynamics NAV Content Pack" available on PowerBI, but I am still unable to get this to work.
    Below are some of the key information when I was testing, can you help to point out if I'm missing anything?
    1) Setup the tenant with Alternative ID
    2) Confirmed that I can access the OData using web browser, directly through Alternative ID
    3) Confirmed that I can access the Web Client through Alternative ID
    4) When setting up the PowerBI, I made sure that I use the same address as that I used on #2
    I'm getting the following error message.
    Failed to update data source credentials

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