plz help !! how to reverse of cost entry ????

ankit903ankit903 Member Posts: 5
one of my client uses Navision 2013. in which production orders was not closed on the date of closing of income statement. after that it was found that one production order in which consumption posted before closing date and output posted after closing date.

due to which as on date inventory G/L reconciliation shows cost difference in WIP column.

please tell is there any way to move the output of production order in before closing date?

(income statement was not closed as on date but production order was finished)


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    RaniShouraRaniShoura Member Posts: 34
    the best course of action here is to post correction GL entries there is no date moving
    Rani Shoura
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    ankit903ankit903 Member Posts: 5
    g/l entries posting works only on those entries which are posted from journal. and even after adjustment through g/l entries wip valuation report not adjusted.
    how can I correct the wip valuation report as on closing date?
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