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sharon95sharon95 Member Posts: 183
Why this isn't working? It prints "#Error" Thank you!
=iif(Count(Filter(Fields!SJob_Amount.Value,0)) > 1, "& " + Last(Fields!TAmount.Value).ToString, Last(Fields!TAmount.Value).ToString)


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    LCostaLCosta Member Posts: 33
    edited 2017-01-24
    On the textbox that you're doing that check if the Text Box Properties -> Number is set to Default, some computers give #Error when a given formatting is applied.
    You can also try use CStr(Last(Fields!TAmount.Value)) and CStr(Last(Fields!TAmount.Value)) instead of the ToString.
    You can also try to set the "& " in a Caption instead of raw text.
    Or you do that filter in the C/AL side and return the string instead:
    FORMAT(TAmount,0,'<Precision,2><sign><Integer Thousand><Decimals,2>')

    Hope it helps, gl!
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