Dynamics NAV service Tier - login failed for ANONYMOUS LOGON

tpeterstpeters Member Posts: 16
I am setting up a service tier for MS Dynamics NAV 2009, but am unable to connect due to a login failure.

Login failed for user 'DOMAIN\ANONYMOUS LOGON'. Reason: Token-based server access validation failed with an infrastructure error. Check for previous errors.

Error: 18456, Severity: 14, State: 11.
I have the following servers:

SQL Server: sql-dev

Dynamics service tier: dynamicsService
The SQL and Dynamics services are both running under the same domain account.

I have four spns setup:




Finally, I have Delegation setup for the domain account for both the Dynamics and SQL service. This looks to be the correct setup according to the MS documentation, but it is not working. Any thoughts to where I have gone wrong? Thanks.


  • archer89archer89 ViennaMember Posts: 337
    check sql rights of the service account in your database.
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  • tpeterstpeters Member Posts: 16
    The service account is in the SQL sysadmin role. The SQL error message is, "Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'." so I believe it is a problem with the delegation.
  • zohaibu95@hotmail.com[email protected] Member Posts: 223
    Make sure your user is added in NAV.
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    Zohaib Ahmed
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  • KishormKishorm UKMember Posts: 921
    You may have done this already but if not then try running the Best Practices Analyzer tool provided by Microsoft - not always helpful but can be sometimes. You can download it from partnersource...

  • tpeterstpeters Member Posts: 16
    Thanks Kishorm, I hadn't run that, but I have now. On my service tier the only issue showing up says Dynamics NAV 2009 Server has not been installed. I have gone through the installation and have the Role Tailored client and the Server options installed. The NAV service is installed and started. I'm not sure why that error would be showing up or how to resolve it.
  • KishormKishorm UKMember Posts: 921
    Sounds like an issue with the service tier then. Check the event viewer to see if there is any additional information logged in there.
  • tpeterstpeters Member Posts: 16
    There's nothing in the event log on the service tier, only on the database server. I'm able to connect to the database from the service tier, but not from my client to the service tier to the database. The best practice analyzer isn't showing a problem with the spn, but something with the delegation isn't working since I still see an attempt at anonymous login on the database from the service tier.
  • KishormKishorm UKMember Posts: 921
    Again not sure if you've seen this or not but might be worth having a look through, especially the section on delegation...

  • tpeterstpeters Member Posts: 16
    Thanks, I've been going through that page, but do not have it work yet.
  • PureHeartPureHeart Member Posts: 188
    tpeters wrote: »
    Thanks, I've been going through that page, but do not have it work yet.
    Did you manage to fix this?
    Why don't you try my compare tool?
  • tpeterstpeters Member Posts: 16
    Yes, it was resolved. In the end it was working with Microsoft and an updated version of the Best Practice Analyzer Tool which showed an issue with the SPN.
  • endotrioendotrio Member Posts: 3

    Recently i has issue with sql authentication with Error: 18456, Severity: State: 13

    The state 13 is related with SQL Server service paused.

    In your case state 11 is related with "Valid login but server access failure"

    I found a good answer about sql server error 18456 on the following site.


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