Cubes in Business Analytics

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Hi everybody!

Maybe anyone has an idea or solution for this problem:
we are creating cubes for a customer. In this cube we are using a dimension that includes a couple of customers. Therefore we have a field in the customer table which functions as a filter.

We need to show the item ledger entries which have the customer no. in the field source no. Since we have all item ledger entries in the facttable, I get the message, that there are some item ledger entries which have a source no that doesn't exist in our new dimension. I can ignore this message so the cube will be build, but this messages take a lot of time and makes the whole functionality to process cubes very slow.

Any ideas how to solve this? I know I could create a field in the item ledger entry table that goes along with the filter field in the customer table and just take this item ledger entries but maybe there is another solution?!

Thanks a lot!

Best regards
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