NAV Web Client: Issue when opening file from Links in Purchase Order

rajpalrajpal Member Posts: 10

Problem Statement: When I access a file name with special characters (e.g. âë) from the Links attached to a document in NAV Web Client 2015, I get an error as the file name is not encoded properly.

I attach the following files as Links in the Purchase Order document.
  1. ae.docx
  2. âë.txt


In NAV RTC, I am able to open the above files successfully from Links.

However, if I try to open the âë.txt file from NAV Web Client 2015 in Internet Explorer 11, I get the error:
Cannot find ‘file://Sharedlocation/âë.txt’. Make sure the path or Internet address is correct.

It seems that due to encoding issues, the file - âë.txt, is interpreted by the browser as âë.txt and hence, the NAV Web Client gives an error.

I tried changing the settings in IE11 - language settings, encoding to utf-8 and settings in Advanced Tab, but none seem to have worked.
Not sure if there are any encoding settings which need to be done on the IIS.

Request for inputs.



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