How do you process a trade-in in NAV

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We have two customers who accept trade-ins that offset a purchase of a new item. NAV will process a sales order with a new item with a quantity of 1 and a trade-in with a quantity of -1 as long as the amount of the new item is greater than the amount of credit for the trade-in. If you ship and invoice the new item and later try to ship and invoice the negative quantity item (trade-in), you get an error that "Amount must be positive in General Journal Line"

How do others handle this problem.


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    KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
    If the trade in is for a greater amount than the new sale item then you should use a Sales Return Order instead of a Sales Order. You should use qty 1 for the trade in item and qty -1 for the new sale item.
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    KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
    Actually having re-read your question I see that you are invoicing the 2 lines separately - the above only applies if you are invoicing everything together.

    Since you are invoicing the lines separately, you should have the 2 lines on separate documents - the new sale item on a sales order and the trade in item on a sales return order (or a sales credit if you don't use sales return orders).
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    As kishorm suggests better create a separate sales return order for the -1 line. There Set the qty to 1 instead of -1.
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