Slow Download Speeds - Nav2013 Web Services

NullsigNullsig Member Posts: 1
We are working on an implementation of Navision's Web Services using PHP. The code works for all intents an purposes but the execution times are unwieldy.

To do a single record read the process takes about 4 seconds. Almost all of that time is in the download of the response. Normally I would assume this has to do with ISP limits, but this is two servers on the same network with a gigabit switch and the response is only 5.5kb

Here is what I see when I pull the cURL info from the call:
array(26) {
["url"]=> string(70) "<Web Service URL>"
["content_type"]=> string(23) "text/xml; charset=utf-8"
["http_code"]=> int(200)
["header_size"]=> int(685)
["request_size"]=> int(1109)
["filetime"]=> int(-1)
["ssl_verify_result"]=> int(0)
["redirect_count"]=> int(1)
["total_time"]=> float(3.342556)
["namelookup_time"]=> float(1.0E-5)
["connect_time"]=> float(1.0E-5)
["pretransfer_time"]=> float(6.9E-5)
["size_upload"]=> float(269)
["size_download"]=> float(5448)
["speed_download"]=> float(1629)
["speed_upload"]=> float(80)
["download_content_length"]=> float(5448)
["upload_content_length"]=> float(269)
["starttransfer_time"]=> float(3.341836)
["redirect_time"]=> float(0.000706)
["certinfo"]=> array(0) { } ["primary_ip"]=> string(11) "<ip>" ["primary_port"]=> int(8047) ["local_ip"]=> string(12) "<other ip>" ["local_port"]=> int(60487) ["redirect_url"]=> string(0) "" }
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