How can I have a Printer Selection Dialog box for Word(Layout) Reports?

UmairZulfiUmairZulfi Member Posts: 10
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I am using NAV 2015 CU9. I get a Printer Selection Dialog Box when trying to print some reports. The dialog shows all the printer available and let me choose one. However, for some reports(apparently only Word) I don't get any kind of dialog box. The system simply prints the report through default printer. Any way to override this behavior?


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    lyngelynge Member Posts: 85
    There is no printer-selection box when you use word reports.
    I've been in touch with the guys at MS Development Center Copenhagen, at it is "by design".
    This is apparently true even for NAV 2017 RTM.

    The "fun" part is that the application apparently supports it in cu1 etc. (at least in some NAV 2016 versions - I've not checked them all and/or 2016 and 2017.
    If I'm remembering it correctly the printer name should be transferred by the platform to a function as a "Filename" in CU1 - just like in the RTC reports).
    So it is in fact possible (with some dot.net) to build a list of printer, show it in a NAV-dialog and let the user choose the printer he wants...
    But off cause the dialog is not as nice as the one the platform could open...
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