Control AddIn - events not shown in C\AL?

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I created Control AddIn and Imported it in Control Add-Ins page.
When I add it in Control AddIn property on one field of my page, it doesn't show events in C\AL.
All events are declared in .cs file like so:
event ApplicationEventHandler ControlAddInReady;
event ApplicationEventHandler Something;
etc etc.
What could be the issue?
I am aware of this webpage: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn182584(v=nav.80).aspx but it doesn't help since I did everything as it is instructed, if anyone thinks of recommending this :D


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    EvREvR Member Posts: 178
    First, of course, check if your add-in assembly is in the service add-in directory. Make sure it's not locked by Windows and that the service user has read/execute permissions on it.

    If it still doesn't work. Create a dotnet variable in your page and select your add-in interface in the server list. That triggers NAV to actually get the assembly. Once selected, add the add-in field again.

    If all fails, delete the add-in cache on your dev machine (C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Temp\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\Add-Ins).

    If it still fails, there's a problem in your assembly. Reference to the wrong version of Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.UI.Extensibility.dll?
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    KevinsanityKevinsanity Member Posts: 8
    When you set the ControlAddin property on a field, are you using the lookup and selecting a field that way? I notice that sometimes when I paste it doesn't always create the events

    Additionally try using

    public event EventHandler Something;
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