Variable value - not sure where is coming from

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Hello again NAV experts,

I am very confused. I am working in modifying a report and I need help. There are two variables in this report called: QtyUOM and AvailToTake.

These variables are under DateItem "Bin Content".
I see that the values for these two variables is being assigned in the OnPreDataItem trigger of the Bin Content, but the values are not in the field menu. I do not know where these values are coming from. The values are not other variables or functions in the report. Please see attached and below to see how the code looks.
AvailToTake := CalcQtyAvailToTakeUOM();
QtyUOM := CalcQtyUOM();

Can someone please tell me where these values could possible located ?
I looked under code unit, query, function in the C/SIDE globals and I just do not know where the values are coming from.

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