NAV TechDays 2016: Real life Source Code Management

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NAV TechDays 2016: Real life Source Code Management
Recording of presentation at the NAV TechDays 2016 conference of 17 & 18 November 2016 in Antwerp (Belgium)

Presenter: Soren Klemmensen

Presented on Friday 18 November 2016, 9:00 - 10:30

File format: wmv [1:23:20]

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  • DanjoDanjo Posts: 12Member
    currently I am looking for the ps1 Files used during this presentation.
    Of course I could reconstruct the Settings-, and the UpdateSourceFromDatabase using the PPT and WMV.
    But those load other Powershellscripts I was not able to find. Maybe I did not search at the right places.
    What I found is the new VSCode-Extension. But I'd like to try the approach shown during the presentation.
    Does anybody have those files or knows where I can find them?
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