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zeonzeon Member Posts: 130
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I get this error in NAV2016 CU10 when trying to import an Excel sheet in Rapidstart services. Used to work, but for some strange reason it does not work anymore. Excel 2016 is installed.

The error occurs in a standard object CU8618, and it has not been customized.

Any ideas? Same problem as these threads, but to no help so far.

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    sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Member Posts: 136
    I have had the same issue as well. Have you made any modifications to the spreadsheet you are trying to import?

    Is this on an Azure database?
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    zeonzeon Member Posts: 130
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    I think the customer has converted the spreadsheet from Excel 2013 to Excel 2016.

    Why could it cause problems if it is an Azure db?
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    sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Member Posts: 136
    I have seen issues on some Azure installations where the rapidstart cannot find the installed Excel version. The version conversion between 2013 and 2016 shouldn't cause this.
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