Card Page Auto Closes based upon List Page filter

doddwelldoddwell Member Posts: 65
I have a List Page displaying a set of Filtered Orders. I have set the CardPageID property so that the user can double click an order in the list to open the Order Card Page in edit mode.

If the user then amends the order so that the order would be omitted from the filtered List Page records, the Order Card Page automatically closes.

I don't want the Order Card Page to Auto-close. Is this possible or do I need to remove the CardPageID property?

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    doddwelldoddwell Member Posts: 65
    Hello Kishorm.
    I added SETRANGE(Status) to the OnPageOpen() trigger of the Card Page. When the user updates the Status, the Card Page remains open. The only problem with this is the fact that the Card Page then displays records that I don't want the user to see (when clicking Next/Previous).

    Is there a way of caching the filter originally passed from the List Page to the Card Page?

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    KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
    Not a good idea - you either keep the original filter (default) and then when you change your record so that it no longer meets the criteria it disappears OR you remove the filter.

    Trying to get a list of all the records that previously matched *could* be done by marking all records that match the filter (using MARK) prior to clearing the filter and then setting a filter on markerd records only (MARKEDONLY) but this is not advisable from a performance point of view especially if it possible that you could have a lot of matching records. It would also mean that you might have problems adding new records in the card page.
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