I can't see the "Currency Code" field/column in the Sales Price table

I have been trying to see if something I am doing is wrong, but can't seem to come around.

I need to have a price list in foreign currency (USD) for a specific customer/item combination. I understand from every manual or procedure out there that I need to go into the Sales Price table and create a line per customer/item combination, setup the unit price and the currency code.

I don't see the Currency Code column, there is no Choose Columns... option when I right-click and the field is available in the About This Page...

What else can I do? I am using NAV 2016 client on a hosted NAVonAzure setup.

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    pabloquintanapabloquintana Member Posts: 20
    Thanks, it was a personalisation issue. I was able to switch the role to PRESIDENT and now I can see the Choose Column... and add the Currency Code. I was using the ORDER PROCESSOR role which didn't have that option.
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