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Good morning experts !!

I have a procedure in SQL Server 2012 that uses views from another database on another server with SQL Server 2008, the SQL procedure runs smoothly.

It happens that this procedure I have to run it from Access (Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010) by a pass-through query.

The user who runs it has all the permissions on both servers in both views and in the procedure, in the connection string of the pass-through query the correct user name appears; But when the query is executed it does not recognize the user name and the error that I attached

Needless to say, ODBC does the test perfectly smoothly.

Is it possible to say in the procedure with which user is to be executed? I can not think of anything else.

Thank you very much.


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    Hello everyone!! First of all thank you in advance for the help, we forget that it is necessary to give them even if nobody has the solution just to interact you deserve.

    As I see it takes many days my question and nobody answers I will reformulate it, I have this procedure in SQL Server 2012 R2


    Drop table dbo.Tabla_Listado_Fabricacion_temp

    Select customer, order, order_quantity, [Quantity Pending], ot, product, description, EXP_NAC, BASE, line into Table_Listado_Fabricacion_temp
    From dbo.Vista_Listado_Fabricacion;

    ALTER TABLE dbo.tabla_listado_fabricacion_temp ADD selection tinyint null;
    Update dbo.Tabla_Listado_Fabricacion_temp set select = 0

    Since SQL Server runs perfectly but when run from Access (Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010) gives me the error that I attached

    My question is is there any way to put in code that will run this procedure with the admin user?

    Thank you very much.
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