How to work on multiple journal batches at the same time?

Has anybody had to deal with this problem? We have multiple A/P folks entering data into separate batches at the same time, but NAV defaults to the same document no. so it creates a problem for them when they try to post.

I'm assuming the correct course of action is to set up a Post No. Series for the batches so it'll never try to post to the same doc. no.

Is that correct? Or is there another way of skinning this cat?

Thanks a lot,



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    KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
    Later versions of NAV have a "Renumber Document Numbers" action for this very reason (not sure it if was added in 2015 or 2016). You could back-port this functionality into your version of NAV if you are using an older version which doesn't have this functionality.
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    idealsceneprodidealsceneprod Member Posts: 16
    Very cool. Didn't know that. Thanks.
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