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I am using Navision 2016. For some purchases I need to record Use Tax but I need to have the expense recorded to a different account than the item being purchased.
Here is what I have in Tax Jurisdiction:
Code: TN-State
Tax Account (Sales): 4663
Tax Account (Purchases): 5351
Reverse Charge (Purchases): 2301

And this is what is in Tax Details:
Tax Jurisdiction Code: TN-State
Tax Group Code: TAXABLEUSE
Tax Type: Use Tax Only

For a $100 transaction with Jurisdiction=TN-State and Tax Group Code=TaxableUse and Use Tax = True the actual posted G/L Entries are:

$100.00 Accounts Payable
$109.75 Expense account for the item
$9.75 Tax Payable Accrual account (2301)

However I need to have the G/L Entries look like this:
$100.00 Accounts Payable
$100.00 Expense account for the item
$9.75 Tax Expense Account (5351)
$9.75 Tax Payable Accrual account (2301)

Is there a way to make this happen?
Thank you,
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