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Hey everyone,

i have two questions...

question 1: when designing a word report in NAV 2015 is there a way to show repeaters/repeat blocks?

Question 2: take....Report 1306 sales - Invoice

if you leave the document no. empty it will create pages for every single document in the sales header. if i try to do this on a report i built, it will only print the very first record in the header.

I can do a repeater for the sales lines, or nest a repeater within an already built word report...but if i try to nest a repeater within another repeater on a custom report....it does not work. can someone help me do this? i want to repeat the header with the lines in it for each header record.

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    SowkarthikaSowkarthika Member Posts: 102

    Have you set group properties correctly ? Have you used Copy loop and Page loop as in Standard ?
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    twimber2@gmail.comtwimber2@gmail.com Member Posts: 15
    hey Sowkarthika. this is for a microsoft word report not a rdlc report. i generally just use page breaks in visual studio rather than a page loop for rdlc reportsbut i'm not sure of how to do this in a microsoft word report.
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    krikikriki Member, Moderator Posts: 9,096
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