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I have been brought in to work on a NAV 2016 implementation project, I have never worked with Agiles and was not expecting too but now I have been told that I need to design the workflows and program them. Our NAV partner has provided me with basic manuals which give me a basic understanding of how workflow works but I am sure there must be more in depth manuals out there somewhere that can help me further.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks

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  • kylehardinkylehardin Member Posts: 257
    If your NAV partner is an Agiles partner, then they have partner access to the website in Germany, which has some better documentation. There is a demo database available (based on Cronus), and they also have several sample workflows. They have PDF documentation for each workflow example, and those examples are also set up in the demo database. But even if you skip the demo database, the sample workflow documentation should be very helpful since they walk you through the setups and explain what the various parts of the setup do.
    Kyle Hardin - ArcherPoint
  • Natalie1234Natalie1234 Member Posts: 22
    Hi Kyle
    What you have suggested is just about where I am at presently. I have worked through the scenarios that our NAV partner gave to us and although I am a lot more knowledgeable now thanks to these I still feel I have some gaps in my knowledge or maybe I am not feeling as confident as I should be. Maybe because I am relying on colleagues to give me processes to convert to workflow I am finding it harder than someone who might have the background knowledge already.

    I have been told that our NAV partner should be able to access the Agiles portal for further documentation and have contacted them about this, however disappointingly it takes them quite a while to get back to me hence the reason why I asked on here as a just in case or get help quicker.

    Many thanks

  • Natalie1234Natalie1234 Member Posts: 22
    Hi that's great thank you! I have emailed you.
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