Transfer from multiple locations using single transfer order

VisVis Member Posts: 19
For some specific business reason, the customer wants to transfer using single transfer order multiple items from different location to single destination location. The idea is to use the same concept as in sales document and define locations per line.

Any idea how to approach the request?


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    KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
    Not done it before, but I would do something along the following lines...

    1) Add "Transfer-from Location Code" to Transer Order subpage

    2) Make sure "Transfer-from Location Code" is editable on "Transfer Line" table and calls appropriate business logic (e.g. Setting "In-Transit Location Code", etc...)

    3) Amend Transfer Order release function to do checks at line level - e.g. Check that "Transfer-from Location Code" and "In-Transit Location Code" are populated, etc...

    4) Amend Transfer Order Shipment posting code to make sure any validation and posting (e.g. to Item Ledger) is done using the "Transfer-from Location Code" from the "Transfer Line" table (it maybe using from "Transfer Header" - I don't have access to NAV right now to check)

    5) I don't think the Transfer Order Recipt posting code will be using "Transfer-from Location Code" so shouldn't need changing - worth double checking though
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