Wrong year exported to Excel?

TiwazTiwaz Member Posts: 98
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Hi everyone!
I am exporting my data to Excel using Excel Buffer.
When I write date using ex. EnterCell(21,13,FORMAT("Account Date"),FALSE,FALSE,FALSE,'dd/mm/yyyy',ExcelBuffer."Cell Type"::Text);
I can see in debugger that it grabs the correct value, but when Excel spreadsheet finally opens, it inserts some random date (in my case 25.11.1927.) which is insanity.
Does anyone know why this may happen?
If it helps, I use DotNet to format my Cell Size and GiveUserControlDotNet. It started to occur when I introduced dotnet, and I cannot exclude it since I need its functionality.


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    ishwarsharma016ishwarsharma016 Member Posts: 50
    I think you need to format the cell in excel in the date format. I don't know if this is what user will appreciate doing extra work after the excel generates. But try this if user agrees. Hope this helps.
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    nedimyaminedimyami Member Posts: 16
    Do you try Cell Type as ExcelBuffer."Cell Type"::Date?
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    TiwazTiwaz Member Posts: 98
    Hello :)
    Thank you so much for your response.
    @nedimyami Yes I have tried it but it still does not work.
    @ishwarsharma016 Do you suggest that I go to Format Cells in Excel and set it to Date format, because this doesn't solve it either?
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