what is the way to solve iwant the sum(quatity and sales amount) of named item and it total

mohmdmohmd Member Posts: 51
iam doing report
when i run the report, the read only the first item category code(first 6 named item)
in column quantity and sale amount( i have 6 named item category code repeated "every item category code repeated more than 6 times )
in the table"item ledger entry " i have more than 200 item category code
and gave me the total of all quantity and sales amount of item category code as in the table (total 200 item )
i need the way to solve this case
what the way to know the sum of every item and its sales amount and the total ?


  • binilabrahambinilabraham Member Posts: 45
    Use Item Ledger Entry as data item and try to group them with Item No. This way you can print the sum of every item and its sales amount and the total.
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    An addition to what @binilabraham has suggested. Place the fields in group footer of which you want to display the totals. Where is this report designed? NAV client or Visual studio?
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