Reclass old item to new item

Hi Experts,

let say I have an item "item 001" that has many lot no. ( can be "1","2","3", and so forth )

1. is there any ways that I can do transfer or reclass to new item " item 002" with NO lot No settings
2. is there any way I can do transfer or reclass to new item with fixed lot no on new item ( for example "a")

thanks all


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    KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
    The following options apply to both the scenarios above, the only difference is that for the 1st option item 002 would not be setup to use Item Tracking (lots) and for the 2nd option it would be setup to use Item Tracking (lots)....

    1) You can't use a reclass journal because you are going from item 001 to 002.

    2) You could use a standard item journal and post a negative adjustment for 001 and a positive adjustment for 002 - the thing to bear in mind is that any cost adjustments made to item 001 would not flow through to item 002. If this is not a concern, e.g. You are using standard costing, then this is the simplest option

    3) Another option you could use is Production BOMs. You could setup 002 as being made up from item 001 as a component (qty 1). You then create and post production BOMs to consume 001 and output 002. This may seem like a strange thing to do but the one thing is does is that it allows costing to flow through from item 001 to 002 which maybe important to you if you have specific cost posting for example.
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