Real-time data synchronization from an external database.

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Is it possible to implement a real-time data synchronization method with an external Database ? If so, please explain the scenarios.

For example I have an external database with a customer table. In future I might be applying changes to the table (like adding or deleting customer or modifying an existing customer record etc). What I want to figure out is that is there any way to implement a real-time synchronization method (via XMLPort or any other means). Any changes made in external table should reflect in the table in NAV Database.

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    endjinnendjinn Member Posts: 11
    You can used a linked table. You create a view in SQL for your NAV table and link this view to another SQL database table. You can then write directly into this view externally and the data will appear in your NAV table.

    The property on the NAV table is 'Linked Object' = YES

    The view needs to share the exact table name to work.

    You can then have a job queue polling this table to bring in any new records.
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