The value Entry already exists. Identification fields and values. Entry No. =

IvyIvy Member Posts: 3
NAV 2016 W1 Build 46621

When posting Item Journal - Negative Adjustment, the system prompts an error "The value Entry already exists. Identification fields and values. Entry No. = 19"

Upon checking Value Entries, the entry no. is already at 83, thus Entry No. 19 already exist. Then we checked the Item Ledger Entries, and it does NOT record the posting of any transaction that will reduce the quantity of an item. We can only see purchase receipts and positive adjustments. Further testing, error only happens if we post deductions such as Item Journal Negative Adj and Sales, Post Sales Entry and Post Sales, Phys. Inventory Negative Adj, Purchase Return. All positive adjustments are posting, weird! We tried Cronus of same database and we are able to post item journal with negative adjustment. HELP!

Note that the item we are trying to post has inventory on hand.


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    KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
    It does seem like a strange error to have - have you had any code changes done around the inventory posting routines (in particular codeunit 22)?
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    IvyIvy Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Kishorm. No customizations yet. Standard instance.
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    David_SingletonDavid_Singleton Member Posts: 5,479
    I have seen the identical error and it seemed to be related to working directly in tables at the time people are working. A restart of the Nav and SQL servers resolved this.
    David Singleton
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    IvyIvy Member Posts: 3
    Thanks @David_Singleton ! I'll try that.
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    KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
    Hopefully a restart will work but if not then can you...

    a) Untick the "Enabled Buffer Insert" option using the Administration tool
    b) Enable the debugger
    c) Run the process again until you get the error
    d) Send a screenshot of the debugger - in particular where it stops with the error and also the current call stack
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    SuhailSuhail Member Posts: 23
    Hi, i faced same issue in Business Central "on premise" version, i delete ILE and VE and G/L Entry using SQL query.

    when try to post the sales entries in open statements its gave same error..

    i restart the NAV and SQL service but still the error occur and when i check the the entry no. inside the table its not existing

    how i can solve this issue please


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    vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,128
    edited 2022-07-28
    (EDIT: moved my answer to the same question by the same user in it's own tread, where it belongs)
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