Requirements to run/develop RDLC reports in NAV2015

RoelofRoelof Member Posts: 377
What requirements are needed to be able to run and develop RDLC reports in NAV 2015? My understanding is that this can be done with restricted/free versions of Visual Studio and add-ons?
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    KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
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    You don't need anything to run RDLC reports as these are run by the NAV executables.

    To design them you can install/use visual studio if you want to but you can even get away with designing them using Report Builder that comes as standard with SQL server - you just need to change a setting in Tools --> Options in the Development Environment.

    However if you do want to use Visual Studio (it is more functional) then have a look at this blog post by Claus...

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    binilabrahambinilabraham Member Posts: 45
    Roelof, only additional requirement in RDLC report development is the platform for layout design, for that you can use the standard Report Builder comes with SQL server as Kishorm suggested. Compared to Visual Studio, Report Builder has some limitations but good enough to do the report development.
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