Setting specific row numbers for report pages

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I need to create a report, this report must have 10 rows for first page, rest of the pages must contain max. 25 row per page. Is it possible to create a condition like this? I've done 20 rows per page using Integer DataItem before, but I couldn't be able to create this condition using Integer DataItem.

I have tried the solution in this link: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10467997/how-to-page-break-after-specific-rowsuppose-25-rows-in-rdlc-reporting

In the Groups' expression I've given this condition;


It doesn't solved my problem.

Any suggestions?


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    EkinEkin Member Posts: 28
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    Kishorm wrote: »
    Try something like this (you may need to tweak the numbers slightly, and please be careful about brackets - you are missing some in your original expression)...

    Hello Kishorm,

    I've updated the code as : =IIF(RowNumber(Nothing)>11,25,10) and it worked perfectly fine.

    Thank you, it was very helpful.

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