NAV 2016 Web client language of sign-in page

ayhan06ayhan06 Member Posts: 210
Hi all,

as you may know, language/region settings for web client in nav 2016 is set on "user personalization" screen in RTC or "My settings" page in web client. so far so good.

how can I change the language of login/sign in page of web client? (we are using forms authentication in web client and NAVUserPassword option in service tier) login page always comes in English. but after user logs in, everything changed to desired language correctly. I think there should be some settings in web config or IIS for default language/culture to change language of sign in page since web client does not local language until user logs on. I searched but could not find anything in MSDN.

in nav 2013 r2, we are able to set language per web client instance. now I started to think that this is better than user based language setting :)



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