Idle Session Management

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Idle Session Management
With Idle Session Management inside NAV, you can specify Idle Client Timeout, Total Sessions for each user, and allocate Concurrent Client Access Licenses (CCALs) to group of users.

CCALs are based on the number of users accessing NAV simultaneously. And users have various requirements for NAV time usage. For example, Sales Order Processors always open NAV to enter sales every 10 minutes, whereas Purchasers sometimes access NAV for processing when they receive goods or invoices from vendors. Common practice that Purchasers keep NAV opening although they don't use it. As a result, CCALs are lost. Through Idle Session Management, you can set idle timeout to individual user such as 20 minutes for Purchasers, and 1 hour for Sales Order Processors. NAV will be closed automatically to release CCALs for other users.

Another usual situation when all CCALs are consuming, System Administrator cannot login NAV to stop some Idle Client Sessions. Via Idle Session Management, you can prevent it by assigning one CCAL for group of System Administrator and the rest for other groups.

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Main features of “Idle Session Management”:

Specify Idle Client Timeout for individual user (apply to Windows Client only).
Define Total Sessions for each user (apply to Windows, Web and SharePoint Clients).
Allocate CCALs to group of users (apply to Windows, Web and SharePoint Clients).
Stop a Session (apply to Windows, Web and SharePoint Clients).
Support for NAV 2016 which has Event Subscriber and native System.IO library.
For NAV 2013, NAV 2013 R2, and NAV 2015, please test if it is acceptable to you.

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