Show Time/Clock on page webclient NAV2016

RemcoRemco Member Posts: 81

How can I show the Time/Clock on a page. We are using the Webclient NAV2016. It should show the current time. So not only when the page is opened. The time needs to run.


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    SowkarthikaSowkarthika Member Posts: 102
    Maybe you can try this :

    1) Add a time field (CurrTime) in your table
    2)Assign CurrTime := TIME in the trigger 'OnOpenPage'
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    RemcoRemco Member Posts: 81
    I have added TIME in the Source Expression of a field on the page. It shows the time, but not dynamically. Time is not running.
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    mickysoftmickysoft Member Posts: 4
    Hi, you can use a factbox (behind a Page with a variable time) with the property UpdatePropagation = Both and in the main page a field ControlAddIn Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.PingPong (it´s like ontimer in older version) so now you can update every ie 500ms your factbox
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