Hiding the "processing window" using a dialog window not working

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I am currently working on a report, which sadly takes quite a long time to process.
As a result the user gets prompted with a loading screen the "processing window" (As I call it..) .

As it is good practice to let the user know what is happening and as it should get rid of the "processing window", I decided to add a dialog window.
However even though the dialog window opens, displays, gets updated properly, the "processing window" will pop up after about 10 seconds of loading.

As for my Report:
  1. I am going through every Item in the DB.
  2. For every Item I am going through its Sales Lines & Value Entries.
  3. I am calculating everything I need & save it into a buffer table.

Level 1 DataItem Item
Level 2 DataItem Sales Line
Level 2 DataItem Value Entry
Level 1 Buffer Table
// OnPreReport
// OnPostReport

// DataItem Item OnAfterGetRecord
// DataItem Item OnPostDataItem

The "processing window" will open while it is still going through all items.

Can someone help with this problem?


Attached is a picture of the loading Screen or processing window.. (Its in german)

Thanks alot in advance!


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    Fr0miFr0mi Member Posts: 14
    As an answer to myself and anyone who might be interested.

    The "processing window" or "loading screen" is opened, because the server is waiting for the DataSet or more specific its lines.
    As far as I know, there is no solution to this.

    Best regards.
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    mdPartnerNLmdPartnerNL Member Posts: 802
    not sure if I get it, but you should see the itemno change in the dialog..
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    SilverXSilverX Member Posts: 134
    I am probably a bit late, but I have more or less accidently found the Report Property "ShowPrintStatus". Is that something that will help you?

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    Fr0miFr0mi Member Posts: 14
    Thanks for the tip @SilverX ! I just tried it, but it does not work. The help description seems fitting though.

    @mdPartnerNL I do see the itemNo Change in a customly created dialog window, which i have to open & update in my code. However I also get a "Status Screen" which can cancel the Report.

    I am trying to stop that Screen from showing and to use only a customly created dialog window.
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