Webservice Design (Parameter)

stonystony Member Posts: 122
I'm developing an application (C #), which communicates with Navision via webservice.
This program runs on about 15 Clients.
Now I use currently about 20 pages and 30 function of a code unit via webservice. (I develop on a testsystem).

And here I have now my design problem. If I have to change a function in a codeunit , add or remove a parameter.
When I transfer this CU to the productive System, the C# application got an error when calling this changed function.
Must always all clients to update immediately.

How could I solve this.



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    lubostlubost Member Posts: 618

    - best solution is update all clients which uses changed webservices
    - temporarily usable solution is to create new functions with changed parameters and then one by one update clients to call new functions. Remove old functions after all clients are updated
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