Multi Level Production Orders


Here is what I need to have happen:

I have two sales order lines. One is for a bike and one is for a red seat.

I would like to create a multi level production order that has one line for the bike and one line for the seat. I've set both line items to make to order. However, I get two separate work orders when creating production orders from the sales order.

Is there any way to get the bike and the seat on a single production order?

The seat is actually a subassembly of the bike. However, we need to show the bike and the seat as individual lines on the sales order.

Best case scenario would be to have a sales line for the bike and a sales line for the seat, and have a single production order for the the bike, and have the seat be a component of the bike. However, I cannot see a way to do this.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.




  • rksaurabh3rksaurabh3 Member Posts: 2
    Hi Steve,
    While creating prod order from Sales Order you have a option called Project Order under Order Type. If create Prod. order selecting Order type as Project Order, it will create single Prod order containing both the lines.
    I hope that will work for you.
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