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I have created a field on the Posted sales Shipment called "Sell-to Contact No.". This should populate from the Phone No. of the Ship-to Address List which is shown from a drop down on the Ship-to code on the posted sales shipment.
Here's my current code for modyfying the record. How can I add this additional feature.

OnRun(VAR Rec : Record "Sales Shipment Header")
SalesShptHeader := Rec;
//populate Ship-to Phone No. in Shipping
SalesShptHeader."Shipping Agent Code" := "Shipping Agent Code";
SalesShptHeader."Shipping Agent Service Code" := "Shipping Agent Service Code";
SalesShptHeader."Package Tracking No." := "Package Tracking No.";
SalesShptHeader."Sell-to Contact No." := "Sell-to Contact No.";
cuSalesMgmnt.SalesShipmentHeaderModify(SalesShptHeader, Rec); // TIO000001

Rec := SalesShptHeader;

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