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rico1931rico1931 Member Posts: 295
Hi all,

We have some guys in the back that did some messed up things throwing off costing reports. Does anyone know of a way to fix an incorrect Item Ledger Entry that is already closed and the Mfg Order is closed also? Here is a screen shot of the problem.. for some reason they un-consumed parts at $18K then thought it would be ok to negatively adjust them out at the same cost yet the Mfg Order is now way out of wack.

Any advice on how to approach this issue?


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    archer89archer89 Member Posts: 337
    to correct item ledger entries you could use item journal.
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    rico1931rico1931 Member Posts: 295
    Thanks archer89 but that wont do it. Using the item ledger will not fix the COGS value or any of that when we run the inventory valuation.. it's still way off
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