Hong Kong characters in NAV2009

Hi all,

We are testing for a customer in Hong Kong. To enable the character set for Hong Kong, we have installed the databases using SQL Collation : Latin-1 dictionary sort order, code page 1250, case-insensitive, accent-sensitive (82).

Besides this we have changed the system locale for Traditional Chinese.

This works fine for all Traditional Chinese characters, but we have been told that there are certain characters which are only used in Hong Kong.
These characters are not presented correctly, because they are not part of the Traditional Chinese characterset.

In other programs like Microsoft Office, or Notepad we can use these special Hong Kong characters without any issue.
But in NAV2009 it is not OK.

Does anyone have experience with this, or maybe it is not possible with NAV2009 and do we have to wait until upgrading to NAV2016.

Best regards,

K3 Business Solutions


  • AquirAquir Member Posts: 23
    Hi Peter,

    NAV is not a Unicode application so it's not going to work I'm afraid.

    Even in NAV2016 (because you're still using the "Classic Client" as the Development IDE) this is handled but external Unicode text files in the Service Tier directory for the CaptionMLs for example.

  • zychzych Member Posts: 20
    Hi Peter,

    Yes. I also have the same issue when implementing NAV in Hong Kong. There are some character that cannot be use inside NAV.
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