Values not saving, so weird

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I am probably missing something obvious but I have a Page/Subpage where the values on the subpage revert pack to their original value. So I change a field move off the line and all looks good. If I hit refresh the value I changed reverts back to what it was.

There is no code on the subpage in any of the obvious triggers such as OnModify or OnAfterGetRecord. There is no code on OnValidate. I have exported the object text and do not see anything weird. I have debugged and it stops on nothing. There are no events for OnModify for the subpage source table. I tried debugging by sticking an OnAfterModify Event on that table and it did not break in the debugger, which tells me the OnModify trigger is no running. I put an error on the OnModify trigger of the page and it does not error.

Never seen this before. How can my page not be running the OnModify trigger?

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