Excel/OpenXML Setup

jimbatesjimbates Member Posts: 3
We are in the middle of redeploying NAV 2013 for many of our users. We had been using one click deployment for everyone, but are needing to use a standard install for many users. We are running into to two issues.

First, NAV is looking for OpenXMLSDKv2 instead of OpenXLMSKDv25 when doing an Excel export from NAV. Our updated OneClick client install still seems to use the 2.5 version rather than 2.0 version. I think we are using the same build (NAV 7.0.35345.0 for both our new deployment and our existing standard deployment). The output is different between our new standard deployed clients and our existing standard deployed clients. What do I need to do to get us on the 2.5 version for everyone?

Second, NAV can only have one xml/xls file open that was exported from NAV at a time. The second file shows an empty spreadsheet, but, if you save it and reopen it, the data is there. What do we need to do be able to see the data in multiple excel exports? This may resolve if I can fix the first issue.


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