How to find reason of Job Queue's error?

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Dear collegues!


Job Queue at NAS runs report which runs codeunit which uses XML to import/export data from/to NAV. XML files are moved by using scenario Request-Respond with .NET vars.

Everything works fine, job is running every 2minutes until SOMETHING occurs and stops job which status then is marked as 'Error'. Sometimes it happens once per day and sometimes once per 15minutes.

I have checked if there is any dialog windows appearing during the process - but it's not.
Another solution is to set up extended events in SQL to log all issues which are happening around the database but this is something what I don't know at all so I can't use it.
Modifying CU448 to go through statuses 'Ready' AND 'Error' (not only 'Ready') seems to be nice solution but of course I would like to know reason of those errors..

Errors which are constantly showing up are those from file attached.

Any ideas/hints how can I find place which triggers those errors?

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