Rapid Start - Create New Contacts

muziclovermuziclover Member Posts: 65
Version: NAV 2015

I have a list of new Trade Show contacts that need to be imported into NAV.

Using Rapid Start, I created a Configuration Package to import the details from an Excel spreadsheet. Upon testing, I am able to import the data (no problem), but only if I pre-assign contact numbers in the spreadsheet.

Ideally, I was hoping there was a way to auto-assign new contact numbers by linking the package to the CONTACTS number series. When I set up the 'Config. Package Fields', there is field for No. Series (Field ID 107), but even after I put "CONTACTS" in that field and import the spreadsheet, I cannot apply the package due to an error with the No. field being blank.

Any info/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
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