User Permissions/Personalization Issue (?)

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NAV Version: 2013

Issue: Recently, a new user was added to NAV. The user was given the same profile and permissions as others in his department. When he logs into NAV, everything is going painfully slow, ultimately freezing up the screen. This happens regardless of what he clicks on.

Testing: We had him log into his PC using another user's credentials and the speed was normal, so that has ruled out any PC-related issues.

Verifications: We verified his permissions, profile, deleted his user personalization and *.zup files .............. no luck. No matter what, NAV crawls on his PC when he is logged in with his own User ID. As a last resort, we deleted and recreated his login. The problem persists.

Any suggestions?

UPDATE: After several weeks of testing, we deleted the user and set him up in AD with brand new credentials; then recreated his NAV permissions. The problem persisted. On a whim, I blanked out his Profile ID (which happens to be the same Profile ID used by at least 50 other people in the company) and THAT WORKED. Nothing makes sense as to why he is the only user in the entire company who cannot function with a Profile ID, but I wanted to pass this on in case anyone else encountered the issue or wanted to offer some insight.


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    Grant "Super" permission and try or delete user and create new user with same "Windows User Name".
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    Is there any code that runs against new users? For example, if a new user opens a Sales Order, is there code that logs that interaction?
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    - check error and warning entries in windows eventlog
    - seems, that the user has no access to some system folders, e.g. c:\program data
    - create a complete new windows/AD user, add this new user to nav, try again, remove the old windows user.
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