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The amount in the Tax entry and the details tax entry is not matching due to rounding issue. The Vat Rounding precision is set to 1.0 and the VAT rounding type is Nearest. The Invoice rounding precision is also set to 1.0 in the General ledger setup.
The Invoice rounding precision is set to 1.0 and Inv rounding type is Nearest in the General ledger setup , sales & receivable setup and the purchase and payable setup.

Please advice the needed correction required.

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    precision setting 1.0 means rounding to integer values. that gives vague calculation results. better use prec. values like 0.01 or 0.001.
    rounding type nearest means: decimal part >= 0.5 round up, otherwise down. depending on the concrete calc. formulas that can end in different amount results.
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