Hide or Disable New or Delete actions on NAV2016 List Page

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Hi all,

This question has been sort-of asked before, but I'd like to confirm. Is there a way to hide or disable the "New" and/or "Delete" actions on a List page in NAV2016/NAV2015/NAV2013.

I would think that the InsertAllowed and DeleteAllowed properties would do this. MSDN says this about the DeleteAllowed property:

"Sets a value that specifies whether users can delete records while using the form or page."

Even here on MIBUSO on the topic http://forum.mibuso.com/discussion/35555/hiding-new-and-delete-in-actions, this same statement appears to be confirmed.

Yet, I have a simple (custom) list page. The page is set Editable=No, DeleteAllowed=No, InsertAllowed=No. Yet, the Insert and Delete functions (a) appear and (b) are not disabled.

Am I missing something from the description of these properties? Or is the description of these properties just not correct when it comes to NAV2016 (or RTC in general)?



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