How to saveChanges in a transaction using NAV OData web service

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I have an application that consumes a standard NAV OData service, Page 51 - Purchase Invoice. I am crating the Purchase header and its related lines. I would like to create the header and the lines in one single transaction. So that, if one of the lines is wrong the system doesn't create neither the header nor the lines.
I am trying to achieve this goal by calling the SaveChanges function with the BatchWithIndependentOperations option enabled, but I am getting the same error all the time "The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.". I am able to create the purchase header and the lines successfully if I use None (default option).

  1. Do you know if the BatchWithIndependentOperations option is supported in an OData NAV web service?
  2. If it is supported, how can I make it work?

Many thanks.

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    jeqdevjeqdev Member Posts: 8
    Thanks Peter+is1!

    I agree it is not there, it seems that it is not supported NAV.
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